Los Angeles-based burger chain The Counter to launch in India
18 Jun 2013

The Indian QSR sector will soon see Los Angeles-based burger chain The Counter. The chain is planning to kick off with about a dozen outlets in Mumbai and Delhi in the first phase.Plans of tying up with another Los Angeles-based gourmet burger chain Fatburger India, and possibly by Burger King later is also expected.

The price tag associated with this newbie however will be much higher than already operating burger chains in India like McDonald’s that has kept its entry level prices at Rs 25. A burger at The Counter will cost several times more with its minimum rate at Rs 400.Counter will however provide over 3,000 different varieties of burgers.

Industry observers are taking this introduction of a pricier version of what apparently is a fast food with a pinch of salt, especially when QSR chains are biting dust with economic slowdown and consumers are reluctant on such kinds of discretionary spending.

Gaurav Marya, chairman of Franchise India, which is partnering The Counter in India for setting up its business here countered the idea and said, "In India, we either have lower-priced burgers or the ones available at the coffee shops of 5-star hotels. There is a huge gap and potential between these segments, which we hope to fill through The Counter with a fine-dining positioning."

The National Restaurant Association of India and research firm Technopak once reported that in India, 'dine-in' accounts for almost 67% of sales at quick-service-restaurants, while 'takeaways' account for 19%. It further said at least 50% of consumers eat out at least once every three months today, and the QSR concept was instrumental in this regard.

Source: [ET]