HVS launches HVS library
30 Nov 2011

HVS has launched HVS Library, a database of over 1,250 articles, research publications and textbooks written by the industry’s leading professionals at HVS. HVS Library was launched by Steve Rushmore, President and Founder, HVS. “You will find this library to provide a wealth of information that will assist with your investment decisions. The publications contained in the HVS Library are considered essential reading for hotel owners, operators, lenders and investors,” said Rushmore.

HVS library covers every topic related to the hotel and travel industry, according to the company release. These include market studies, management contracts and franchising, market overviews, human resources, economic trends and cycles, gaming, architecture and design, asset management, finance and transactions, food and beverage, hotel management, shared and fractional ownership, risk management, convention centers, parking, sales and marketing.

The articles and research can be downloaded from the flash disk that also carries a number of additional resources including the recently upgraded and enhanced Hotel Valuation Software Version 3.0 with Tabs. These models are used for performing hotel market studies and valuations and has been developed by Suzanne Mellen, Managing Director, HVS, Professor Jan deRoos, Cornell Hotel School, and Rushmore. The Hotel Valuation Software performs occupancy and average rate projections, forecast of income and expense and DCF mortgage-equity valuations. It also contains six demonstration hotel market studies and valuations, video seminars and the Hotel Investment Handbook.